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slimcase for slimlens just stick it to any mobile device, or store it safely in your wallet or purse and carry your readers wherever you go
Part Number: 695531000003
Availability: In Stock.

Product Description

slimlens hard plastic was especially designed for you to protect your reading glasses and carry them wherever you go. the hard case fits all our slimlens readers (+1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 and the High Power Magnifier +5.80)

Protect your slimlens by keeping them in the pouch.

Additional Information

Product Only
Weight: 0.15 ounces (just 4 grs)
Dimensions: 3.35 in x 1.77 in x 0.9 in (or 85 mm x 45 mm x 2.2 mm)

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