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  1. [email protected] by aptica

[email protected] by aptica

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[email protected] (by aptica) - The Lightest and Thinnest Blue Blocking Reading Glasses, designed in Belgium and manufactured with the best integrated Blue Filter to protect your vision from the harmful blue light emitted by TV, computer screens, mobiles, tablets, and artificial lighting.
ll [email protected] portable readers include a very flat rubberized pvc case.
Choose color and strength (diopter) and experience a reading revolution today.
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Portable and Flat Blue Blocking Reading Glasses:

[email protected] readers, a travel essential, are perfect for daily use too. [email protected] antiblue integrated blue filter protects you from the "unnatural" blue light emitted by smartphones, TVs, computer screens, and artificial lighting. [email protected] are so thin and light that can be carried with you wherever you go!
very flat rubberized pvc case is included with every [email protected] reading glasses. Slim and portable. It fits anywhere you want!
Treat your eyes with the excellent quality of this [email protected] ready readers, and experience a reading revolution today. Remember: "quality reading is a choice!"

* BLUE BLOCKING - Filtering and reflecting blue light coming from all devices. Prevents eye fatigue, harmful ray protection, decrease insomnia, eyestrain and headaches.
* FLAT & PORTABLE - Making this style, the perfect ready reading glasses for professionals and travelers to protect their eyes as well as have a smart and slim packaging.
* DESIGN - Designed and drawn in Belgium, Aptica Reading Glasses are an attractive - wide range of colors- and manufactured with the highest optical quality.
* MATERIAL - Acrylic lens with UV filter. Our lens is the lightest yellow possible (CLEAR II).
* COLORS - * Yacc (Red)* |* Gnu (Blue) * |*Bison (Brown) *|* Posix (Black)*

The importance of Blue Blockers:

We're exposed to "unnatural" blue light from our smartphones, TVs, computer screens, and artificial lighting. The number of hours we spend using our devices can have both an immediate and a cumulative effect on our health.
Whether you are looking for computer glasses for the office or a late-night smartphone usage, [email protected] glasses will give you total protection for your eyes.
[email protected] Reading Glasses Filter and reflect blue light coming from all devices. Prevents eye fatigue, harmful ray protection, decrease insomnia, eyestrain, and headaches.Treat your eyes with the excellent quality of Aptica readers.

What exactly is blue light?

The light spectrum consists of light of different wavelengths and intensities. Blue light is a part of the light spectrum located right before UV light.
Blue light is characterised by short wavelength and high strength. Many devices we use daily emit Blue light: TV, LED lighting, tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. Unlike other parts of the light spectrum, blue light does not add any benefits to complete visual acuityon the contrary, it can lead to eye fatigue.

What are the topic effects of blue light?

The toxic effects of overexposure to blue light have been proven to be extremely harmful in recent scientific studies. The toxicity to the photoreceptors in our retina has been recently demonstrated and the big role of Blue light in the evolution of ARMD (Age Related Macula Degeneration) has been proven.
Furthermore, Blue light has a significant role in our sleep regulation as it is responsible for the secretion of melatonin, a hormone regulating our biological clock. Several scientific articles state that over exposure to the Blue light, specially at night, can cause sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
ARMD is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world and the leading cause of blindness in developed countries.
Protect your eyes with our integrated blue filter, without giving up your comfort. Enjoy APTI- concept.

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Product Only:  Weight: 1.8 ounces
Dimensions: 5.90 in x 0.59 in x 1.97 in